• complete a Covid-19 waiver form before arrival. You will receive a link via SMS 2 days before your appointment.

  • International customers please complete the Covid-19 waiver sent to you via email as our stystem does not support international SMS.

  • bring your own face mask or covering (a visor is not sufficient) - your artist will be wearing a face covering

  • don’t come if you have symptoms of Coronavirus - just call us!

  • come to your appointment alone - no plus ones

  • arrive on time

  • follow Covid-19 health & safety government guidelines while on site

  • ​all initial consultations will be conducted via phone or video call unless specified





103 Whitecross Street 

Nearest tubes are: Old Street, Barbican or Moorgate

NEED TO CHANGE YOUR APPOINTMENT? Call us on 07757 728 780 or e-mail us at Deposits are non-refundable but are valid for 6 months if you need to reschedule. To avoid losing your deposit, we do require at least 3 days notice to change your appointment date. For a full day appointment it's 7 days notice please.

If you want to make any significant changes to your original idea between your consultation and appointment we need to know as soon as possible before your appointment so the artist can adjust the design. If you arrive and have not let us know, your artist may not have enough time to research your new ideas, draw the tattoo and do it on the same day. We will do our best, and can of course accommodate small changes, but if we do need to re-book you for this reason your deposit will be lost to cover their time.

If you have multiple appointments booked in, the deposit will be rolled forward and deducted from your last appointment, so you will need to pay your artist's full rate at every session until the final one. If you choose to use your deposit against one of your booked appointments, all subsequent appointments will be removed until another deposit is put down to hold the time in the artist's schedule again. Please be aware that for large pieces and sleeves the artist may only be willing to draw the whole piece for your consideration on condition that the deposit is rolled over to the final booking to cover potential failure to complete.

You will need to bring valid photo ID if you are aged between 18-25 years so that we can take a copy per Council regulations. Failure to show us valid ID on request will result in you not being tattooed and losing your deposit.

Being tattooed can be very demanding on your body. It’s important that you sleep and eat well prior to your appointment. Sugary snacks are advised to keep your blood sugar levels up and you are welcome to bring some with you. Please don't drink alcohol or take drugs for at least a day or two before your appointment. Alcohol thins the blood so you will bleed more and this will have an adverse affect on the tattooing process. Please let us know if you start to feel unwell at any time. Earlier appointments can over-run so we advise not to make any important plans immediately after your tattoo. You will feel tired afterwards and should rest immediately after being tattooed so book yourself in for an early night and, if you are having a large piece, consider taking a day off work afterwards to recover.

The first 72 hours of aftercare is critical to ensure the best result! It's important to keep your tattoo clean and avoid anything strenuous during this time. If you follow the aftercare advice we give you before you leave (also available on our website) you will greatly reduce the risk of infection and ensure fast healing. No sunbathing/sun beds, swimming, saunas, hot yoga or submerging your tattoo in the bath for at least 2 weeks after your appointment. No picking or scratching either as this can cause infection and affect the ink saturation too. It's important to have only clean bed linen, towels and clothing in contact with your fresh tattoo. We will advise you on how to wash your tattoo and the correct type of cream to use before you leave the studio but you should definitely avoid medicated creams like Savlon or wrapping it in clingfilm.

All customers are required by law to sign a release form before being tattooed; partly to ensure any medical issues are brought to our attention so we can help manage your safety. If you suffer diabetes, a heart condition, fainting, seizures, have any skin or blood borne diseases, or other ongoing medical conditions or health concerns you must let us know in advance (preferably at the consultation). You may simply require more breaks during the tattoo or, in some cases, we must get written GP permission before we can tattoo you. If any changes to your health arise between now and then (such as infections, illnesses, pregnancy etc) so we can help you assess whether we need to reschedule. If you have existing medical conditions that require regular mediation please make sure you bring enough with you so that you don't run out if you have to stay longer than anticipated.

It’s advisable to shave the area yourself before you come in so your skin has time to settle. Please don’t use moisturisers or numbing creams on it after you shave unless advised by your artist. 

Think about what you are going to wear on tattoo day and on the days to follow; shorts for leg tattoos, flip flops for a foot tattoo etc. Your clothing should not obstruct the artist and should be comfortable. We advise loose, cotton, comfortable clothing that won't rub and please be aware that tattoo ink can stain clothes so you may wish to wear darker colours. If you require more privacy, just let us know in advance and we can put a screen up around your station. 

Finally, the nearest cash point is opposite the studio in Waitrose or a couple of doors down next to the newsagents.

We hope that is helpful and look forward to seeing you in the studio soon.

If you have any other questions just give us a call.