If you already have an idea of the tattoo you would like please fill out this form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you know what you'd like but aren't sure which artist to choose please take a look at our artist portfolios here or on our Instagram. If there is a question you're not sure how to answer just give it your best shot or leave a note in the Additional Comments section. After receiving your completed form we are happy to book you a free consultation to discuss your concept further. 


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All our artists offer a free consultation service with no pressure to book, so that you can discuss your ideas. She will discuss the style, size and placement of your tattoo and can give advice on skin type and how you can expect your tattoo to develop over time. She might sketch up your tattoo directly onto your skin so that she can design something guaranteed to fit and flatter your body. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have concerning the tattoo process including preparation, aftercare and hygiene.



You should gather references that inspire you. A mixture of tattoo images and artwork images is usually best. Think about where you want it and how big and what style. Remember our artists create bespoke work so you don’t need to provide an exact image of what you want. Prepare to be flexible and trust your chosen artist.




Your artist can advise you on the total price depending on how long they think it will take them but unfortunately they can’t give exact prices in advance. This is because there are many variables when working with the skin. Work is usually charged by the hour or the day.  Each artist has set rates and you will pay for the tattoo time you use. You will be required to pay a deposit when you book to cover drawing time and protect from late cancellation. This will be deducted from the final cost of the tattoo on the day or, if you have several full day bookings scheduled, we will roll it on to the next appointment to hold that date and it will be deducted from the final session. 




Being tattooed can be very demanding on your body. It’s important that you sleep and eat well prior to your appointment. Sugary snacks are advised to keep your blood sugar levels up.

Please don't drink alcohol for a day or two before your appointment. Alcohol thins the blood so you will bleed more and this will have an adverse affect on the tattooing process.

It’s advisable to shave the area yourself before you come in so your skin has time to settle.


Please don’t use moisturisers or numbing creams on the area unless advised by your artist.

You will feel tired afterwards and should rest immediately after being tattooed so book yourself in for an early night and if possible a day off to recover.

Think about what you are going to wear on tattoo day and on the days to follow. Your clothing should not obstruct the artist and should be comfortable. We advise loose, cotton, comfortable clothing that won't rub and please be aware that tattoo ink can stain clothes so you may wish to wear darker colours.

You will need to bring valid photo ID if you are lucky enough to look under 25 years old. We have to take a copy of this and keep it on file to fulfil our Council licencing conditions.

If you suffer from diabetes, a heart condition, fainting, seizures, have any skin or blood borne diseases, or other medical conditions or health concerns you must let us know in advance - preferably at the consultation - as you may require GP permission before we can tattoo you. All clients are required to sign a release form before being tattooed. Have a read of it here.




Proper aftercare of your new tattoo is critical to avoid the risk of infection and to get the best final result for your new piece once it has healed.

The team at Velvet Underground Tattoo recommend the following steps:

  1. Always wash your hands thoroughly before cleaning or touching your tattoo.

  2. Leave the dressing or tattoo film on until the next day. 

  3. Immediately after removing the dressing, wash the tattoo  with warm water (and fragrance free soap if needed).

  4. Pat it down with a clean paper towel or air dry it. DO NOT RUB IT.

  5. Apply a TINY amount of tattoo aftercare cream or Palmers Cocoa Butter to the tattooed area.

  6. Steps 3-5 should be repeated 3-4 times a day as needed for approximately 10 days or until the area has healed.

  7. The tattoo may be washed when having a shower but avoid soaking it for long periods.

  8. Allow the scab to fall off naturally.

  9. After the scab stage, keep it well moisturised.

*You may want to buy a second skin tattoo film from the studio or from another source. In this case please ask your artist for advice and read the instructions carefully.



  • Wear tight clothing that may rub your tattoo or cause trauma.

  • Pick or scratch your tattoo as it can cause infection and affect the ink saturation.

  • Touch your tattoo with dirty hands as this can cause infection.

  • Soak your tattoo in a bath or go swimming for at least 2 weeks.

  • Expose yourself to the sun / sun beds.

  • Use any creams, Vaseline, Bepanthen etc that are not recommended.


IMPORTANT: some localised swelling, soreness and redness is normal following a tattoo. However, if your tattoo becomes increasingly hot, painful and swollen or you start to feel unwell please return to us or go to your GP immediately in case it needs treatment for an infection. Following the advice above will greatly reduce your risk of an infection and any other problems!

Any other questions please call or email the studio.



We are happy to do cover up and rework tattoos when possible. If you are considering this option there are some important points to keep in mind. 

Above all please remember that very damaged skin can be quite difficult tattoo. These types of tattoos require a lot of skill by your artist and can sometimes take longer than a regular tattoo.

Your artist will be able to make suggestions on how best to proceed. An in person consultation may be necessary depending on the size and difficulty of the piece. 

Cover ups

  • Cover ups will usually need to be a lot bigger and darker than the original piece.

  • Unfortunately we are not able to cover the original piece with a tattoo that is more delicate, more detailed, or the exact same size.

  • The best option to cover a small piece is to hide it within a larger piece.


  • We are able to improve the depth of shading and vibrancy of colour for your existing tattoo but it may come out darker than the original.

  • Similar to a cover up, a rework can not make the original tattoo more delicate.

  • Blurred lines can potentially be improved by making them thicker but the existing lines cannot be made to look thinner.


  • A blastover is placing a tattoo on top of an existing piece with no intention of completely hiding the original piece.

  • If you are seeking a blastover we usually recommend a very bold style. 


  • A lot of scars are easily coverable using pepper shading or dotwork.

  • The depth and type of scarring will impact how well the ink takes.

  • The team at Velvet Underground Tattoo is committed to maintaining a safe and understanding environment. No matter what type of scarring we will do our very best to create the right tattoo for you. If there is anything we can do to ensure your comfort from beginning to end of the coverup process please let us know via email or during your consultation!


Laser Removal

  • Laser removal can dramatically reduce the depth of shading on older tattoos.

  • In some cases tattoos do not need to be completely removed prior to a coverup. Sometimes only a portion of the tattoo needs to be removed before a coverup can be done

  • We can work together with you and our partner in tattoo removal, NAAMA, to get the best result. 


We have partnered with NAAMA Tattoo Removal to ensure that anyone who wishes to remove a tattoo can do so in the hands of experts. 

Why do we recommend NAAMA?


NAAMA removes ink faster than any other tattoo removal method in the world.

Their technology is gentler to the skin, meaning you can have sessions every two weeks.

After getting a tattoo faded/removed by NAAMA, you can get tattooed over the skin again very shortly.

There's no risk of scarring or permanent damage.

​They work extremely well on colours like red, blue, green and purple.

They work on all skin types and colours.

Contact us directly to inquire about discount codes! 

For more info check out the NAAMA website

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