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Y’all may have heard of Velvet Underground Tattoo; iconically known for being London’s first female staffed studio.

We’re bringing all that baddie energy, all that bespoke tattooing, and all our bikes straight to Paintshop London. Our mission in collaborating with Paintshop London is to build on the ethos that Velvet thrives on. We believe that a tattoo studio should be a welcoming, inclusive, safe space for everyone. 


At Paintshop Tattoo almost anything goes; no idea is too big, no lines are too bold, no colours are too bright, and there is never an end to working on unique custom designs for our customers' delight. 

We are open!

Whether you are a tattoo aficionado or a first timer, our experienced team is there to support you from consultations all the way through to you walking out with spanking brand new body art! The experience we offer and the tattoos we create are unique to every individual that walks through our doors. 

Alongside the Paintshop studio, you can enjoy all the amenities the Bike Shed has to offer including the restaurant and bar, garage parking, custom motorcycles showroom, clothing and gear shop and barbershop. Vibes all round. And, whether you ride a motorcycle or not, as our customer you are free to enjoy the exclusive tattoo client discount at the Bike Shed restaurant and bar on the day of your appointment.

Check out our resident artists!

Carrie Inked

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How to book

Fill in our Tattoo Enquiry Form with your ideas and references and we’ll book you a free consultation to discuss your new ink with our customs artists.

How to prepare for your appointment

You can find all the information about how to prepare for your appointment here.

Keep an eye on our Instagram for Flash Days, Walk-In Days, Night Shop evening sessions, Guest Artists and Competitions!


Opening Hours

Mon - Weds

Thurs - Fri

Sat - Sun


12:00 pm – 7:00 pm

10:00 am – 6:00 pm


386 Old Street

London, EC1V 9LT, UK

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